Party in Safe

It tells the story of Mazlum Kuzey and his friends, who plan to set up a rummy table in space and play an exhibition match. Mazlum Kuzey has a big dream that he wants to realize. Learning that Elon Musk will send a car to space, the young man plans to go to space and set up a rummy table there. In this way, the eyes of the world will be on you and everyone will be able to learn the okey culture. Mazlum Kuzey, who invested the money he inherited from his father Tahir, in this business without blinking an eye, immediately goes to space with a few of his friends who master the game. However, just as the exhibition match was about to take place, the project was canceled when a fight broke out between the astronauts. Meanwhile, the escape of Mazlum’s wife makes things complicated. When Mazlum’s uncle Kuddusi steps in, the team finds themselves in a challenging adventure.

Original Title:

Kasa da Parti

Original Language:



Poll Films






Action, Comedy