Forever a Bridesmaid

Cemre is a dynamic, happy, smiling young woman in her early 30s and a very successful wedding planner. As she impatiently awaits her wedding day with her stockbroker boyfriend whom she has been with for many years, her life is turned upside down when he announces that their relationship is over in front of everyone at her friend’s wedding. Shocked by the news of separation, Cemre decides to put herself to work to clear her head. She goes out of the city for the wedding organization of a close friend who received a marriage proposal. During this journey, she meets a handsome stranger who will open a whole new path for her. Cemre realizes that this handsome man is her friend’s cousin and that they will make all the preparations together. After a few days they spend together, the definition of love is redefined for Cemre and she breathes new life into her tired body. Empowered by this new love, Cemre will organize the best wedding ever for her close friend.

Original Title:

Sonsuza Dek Nedime

Original Language:



Silver&Be Yapim






Comedy, Romance