Brother Or Marriage 2

Spouses Aidar and Gaukhar are happy, a turning point occurred in their relationship with relatives, the elder brothers Gaukhar finally accepted their brother-in-law. They regularly play football on the same team. And then a joyful event happens: the first-born will soon appear in Aydar’s family. But the happiness of the spouses is overshadowed by one sad circumstance. It turns out that Aidar is prone to a disease that, according to statistics, 11 percent of men suffer from. This is the couvade syndrome, or sympathetic pregnancy. Men suffering from kuvad experience the same discomfort as their pregnant wives. So Aidar will have to experience firsthand what toxicosis, heartburn, sensitivity to smells, sudden mood swings, back pain are – a complete set that any woman who has had a baby is familiar with. And trouble threatens not only Aidar. At stake is the victory of his football team in the amateur league championship. You can’t let your relatives down. Aidar makes a decision: I will not behave like a whining woman, and will take the most extreme measures to fight the disease. He will face difficult trials and the most incredible adventures.

Original Title:

Brat ili Brak 2

Original Language:

Kazakh, Russian


Corich Group